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Normally, mobile home insurance or manufactured home insurance consists of the following:

  • Dwelling
  • Outside Structures
  • Personal Property
  • Loss of Use
  • Personal Liability

mobile home insurance or manufactured home insurance in oklahoma

Usually, dwelling has the biggest coverage. After all, it does cover the mobile home as a whole. As such, the aspect of dwelling covers repairs and purchases in general.

When ensuring your home, know the difference between full-replacement coverage and actual cash value.

While the latter allows you to get back the net worth of the total home, full-replacement covers the cost of purchasing a new mobile home at today’s value, regardless of how much it was during the time you bought it.

Other components such as outside structures cover your fence, garden, shed, etc. whereas personal property consists of all your belongings.

Another form of component, called loss of use, is applicable in the event that most of your property had been destroyed by a catastrophe, making your home unlivable. Such insurance will help pay living expenses in a temporary home for up to 12 months.

Personal liability covers you and your family from any unintentional harm to anybody else within or outside your premises.

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