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Getting Life Insurance No Medical Exam Required

Life insurance is an essential service. If you are married or have children or other dependents then life insurance is what will ensure that they are looked after should the worst ever happen and you die unexpectedly. No-one wants to think about what will happen after they are gone – it is certainly a morbid topic. It’s important that you consider it though, because life can change unexpectedly and it is better to think about it while you are young and healthy rather than wait until you are seriously injured or sick, or have a scenario occur where you do die unexpectedly, leaving your loved ones faced with a massive medical bill and a reduced ability to cope and pay the bills.

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One issue that a lot of people face is that life insurance can be expensive if you have pre-existing medical conditions that could put you at risk of serious illness later in life. Some people avoid taking out life insurance because they have not been diagnosed with anything yet, but are worried that if they have a medical exam then something may surface. This is a shortsighted view that puts their family’s peace of mind at risk.

It is often possible to get life insurance with no medical exam required. If you are young and are “on paper” in good health, then you should be able to find a company that offers life insurance no medical exam needed, with a flat fee based on statistical risk factors for someone with your age and lifestyle. You are more likely to be able to get this sort of thing if you are young, work a low risk job, don’t have any high risk hobbies and do not smoke or drink much.  If you have ‘risky’ habits then it may be harder to get a policy without submitting to a medical exam.

If you are in good health, normal weight, and make healthy lifestyle choices, then you may want to actually have the medical – because it could be that your life insurance will cost less once they have put you into the “low risk” bracket. This is similar to how car insurance works. If you are a good driver, and can prove it, then why should you pay more than someone who is perhaps less safe on the roads.

It pays to shop around for life insurance, because you could save a lot of money if you find a provider that understands your demographics. This is true even if you have pre-existing medical conditions. Don’t just assume that because you are, for example, diabetic, that your insurance will have to cost a fortune. Look for a provider that understands the difference between lifelong Type 1 that has been well managed, and someone with Type 2 that has a history of being non compliant with their plan to manage it. There are usually affordable options out there for people who are willing to shop around and to make the effort to take care of themselves. Get life insurance quotes now!

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