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General Testimonial - Positive Feedback From Previous OIQ Clients General Testimonial - Positive Feedback From Previous OIQ Clients
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Kelley R.
Home Owner

"My husband and I bought a home in Edmond and we've been living here for the past 7 years. Just like most home buyers we have a mortgage and our insurance is escrowed. Our lender also requires replacement coverage value on the home. We didn't pay much attention to our home insurance renewals until this past year. We discovered that our rates have gone up every year since we bought our home but never made a claim. So I quickly decided to do some shopping for homeowners insurance quotes. By chance, I came across OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net. So I submitted our info and soon after, an area insurance agent was able to present us with home insurance quotes that had the same coverage or with better coverage BUT the cost of the home insurance was significantly lower than what we were paying. I'm just so glad I found OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net"

Barbara D.
Home Owner

"After I made a bid on this home, my real estate agent suggested that I get a homeowners insurance estimate. I got online and found OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net. I answered the questions in about 2 to 3 minutes and submitted it. Shortly after that, I was contacted by an insurance agent who gave me a couple of competitive options and explained the coverage differences so that I could choose which was the best option for my needs. He contacted my lender and gave them the evidence of insurance that was needed for closing. OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net really helped me get a great rate."

William K.

"I recently inherited a home in Tulsa which I wanted to utilize as a rental property, but I live in Missouri so I didn't know where to get an inexpensive rental property insurance quote. Luckily I found OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net. which had several quotes to choose from which saved me both time and money."

Jenny L.
Auto Owner and Renter

"I had just recently moved to Edmond from out of state and needed to find an insurance company to insure my Honda and also get renters insurance. Since I'm new to this area I didn't know who to call to get an insurance quote but fortunately I found OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net and it was very easy and quick to answer the questions in just 3 simple steps. A local insurance agent replied back with very competitive quotes and I was able to start coverage that same day...and made the whole process smooth. I recommend using OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net to get competitive insurance quotes."

Gary B.

"I got hired by a consulting firm in Tulsa. I chose an apartment in the downtown area near my work so that I could walk or ride my bicycle when I wanted and also be near a thriving nightlife. I know that I'm responsible for insuring my personal property in case of a fire or some unforeseen event but I didn't know where get it. I made a search for, "Renters Insurance Tulsa" and came across OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net. An insurance agent replied back with a couple of good options for protecting my belongings without having to spend a bunch of money."

Megan E.

"I just wanted to say that I needed renters insurance and OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net helped me find a great rate."

Marla N.
Manufactured Home Owner - Secondary Home

"My husband and I live in Norman and we purchased some land near Lake Eufaula and bought a new Clayton mobile home to be our second home or vacation home. We didn't realize there's only a few manufactured home insurers that will insure the dwelling for replacement value coverage OR rather replace the home brand-new, which was required by our bank. We searched online for mobile home insurance and found OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net. We filled-out some questions and submitted it. An agent who offers manufactured home replacement coverage policies contacted us with a policy at a very good rate. I certainly recommend OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net to help save time and find a really good rate for insurance on your mobile home."

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Mobile Home Owner

"As we were getting ready to purchase our new double-wide Solitaire, we knew that we needed to get some mobile home insurance quotes for comparison. Our mortgage lender told us that we need to have a replacement coverage value policy which would replace our home brand-new if it got hit by a tornado or caught on fire and burned down. As we were searching, we soon realized there aren't that many companies that insure manufactured homes and among those companies just a small handful offers replacement coverage value. We came across OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net in our online search. We answered some questions in a couple of steps. Not too long after that, we were contacted by a local insurance agent who specializes in mobile home insurance. He was able to discuss our coverages and made sure it met our lenders requirements. They absolutely made our lives easier."

Robert S.
Mobile Home Owner

"I've been looking to get some Mobile home insurance quotes because every year my rates keep going up. I came across a site when I was searching for a company to insure manufactured homes...OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net. They don't insure mobile homes but they can help you get insurance quotes from several companies. It was real easy, I just answered some questions in a couple of steps and submitted it. Shortly after, an agent who sells manufactured home insurance contacted me and helped find a much better rate with the same coverage. OklahomaInsuranceQuotes.net was definitely worth 3 minutes of my time to save hundreds of dollars."

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