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How To Cut The Cost Of Car Insurance For Over 50

Insurance providers use a number of factors to determine the price of the premiums they offer, such as vehicle type, national statistics, and individual driver profiles that are based on attributes such as time spent without making any claim.

Drivers over 50 can expect to enjoy lower premiums that are a reward for years of experience on the road. However, this is not always the case since the insurance providers only offer lower premiums to those least likely to make a claim. Essentially, it is still possible for a driver of over 50 to enjoy lower premiums.

Here are 5 effective tips for cutting the cost of car insurance for over 50

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1. Don’t Auto Renew

Allowing your insurance provider to renew your policy automatically ensures that you are never at risk of being uninsured, but it could translate to having to pay more than you actually need to. Research shows that drivers over 50 can enjoy significant savings by simply shopping around for car insurance.

2. Consider Optional Extras Carefully

Breakdown cover and courtesy car are optional add-ons that can easily hike up the price of your insurance premiums. If you do not want them, you are not obligated to include them. However, it is important to think about what could happen if you don’t have roadside assistance or towing coverage should you ever need it.

3. Increase Your Vehicle’s Security

You should always keep your vehicle somewhere secure overnight whenever possible or invest in a quality, industry-approved alarm system. If you are able to reduce the risk of vandalism to or theft of your vehicle, you could cut the cost of your insurance premiums. However, you may have to speak directly with the insurance company to obtain the discount.

4. Mileage Reduction

Most insurance companies ask for annual mileage, so try keeping it as low as is realistically possible. Try to provide accurate figures. You can easily invalidate your policy if you underestimate your mileage significantly and have to make a claim. Overestimating the figure could put you in the next price bracket.

5. Upfront Payments

If you pay for your insurance as one lump sum payment could help you enjoy considerable savings. If you spread the cost of your premiums over 12 months, you can end up paying more since you might be charged interest on your installments.

The Bottom Line: Cutting the Cost of Car Insurance for Over 50 is Possible

Drivers over 50 can pay less for car insurance if they follow the 5 tips provided here, pick the right vehicle, and drive carefully to avoid making claims over time. Yet, shopping around is the best way to ensure that you are getting the cheapest car insurance as a driver over 50.

You will find the best deals for car insurance online and the best way to sort through the numerous deals available is to use the impartial over 50 car insurance comparison tool available for free online. If you do this, you can rest assured that you will get the cheapest over 50 car insurance on the market.

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