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If you are looking to get competitive home insurance quotes in Oklahoma City OK, then you need to learn a shocking truth about the home insurance policies in Oklahoma, especially if you’re moving in from another state other than gulf coast states.

Oklahoma has the most expensive homeowners insurance policies in the country as of May 2023, according to That may sound surprising to a lot of people who are thinking about living in Oklahoma knowing that the cost of living is lower than a lot of other states which is true, yet when it comes to homeowners insurance rates, it is consistently among the top 10% in terms of high cost, except 2023 it is pushing to be the highest.

It’s Important to Shop Around

That’s why you should shop around when you are looking for a homeowners insurance quote for a house or rental property. When you visit several insurance companies’ web sites or contact a local home insurance agency, you can compare rates and determine if you are receiving the best deal on home insurance in Tulsa or Miami OK or wherever. Most homeowners insurance companies in OK, will tell you that they have the best deals on homeowners insurance in Tulsa OK or Oklahoma City OK. Although this may be true, each person has different needs when it comes to an HO3 policy.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department produces an in-state Oklahoma home insurance quote at different intervals throughout the year based upon different parameters in different parts of the state (Lawton, McAlester, Oklahoma City, Tulsa) and they are not specific quotes for any specific person or house. The purpose of this homeowners insurance quote is to allow people to look for affordable home insurance policies.

By looking at a generic home insurance quote from the Oklahoma Insurance Department, you will be able to roughly compare quotes to find out if you are receiving the best rates and what type of coverage you are getting. It is very important to size up different insurers when you are looking for house insurance because rates can vary so much between different insurance companies.

Factors that Affect Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are based on many factors. Factors such as the location of your home, the value of your home, the age of your home and other numerous components are all considered when an insurance company provides you with a home insurance estimate. By getting some home insurance quotes you can compare them and see which one is the best deal for you. Most insurance companies will want to know your personal information so that they can obtain an accurate quote. By providing them with your personal information they will be able to get your insurance rates as well as the policy right then and there.

Calling around to obtain a competitive home owners insurance quote does take some effort on your part, however, you will learn more about the coverages you have versus what other house insurance providers offer which can help you have a better understanding of what best fits your needs and wants. The other part of your effort should yield a better rate with less coverage or with the same coverage or possibly with more coverage than your current policy…if that doesn’t happen then you are confirming that your current coverage and rate is actually competitive and you aren’t paying a lot more for homeowners insurance than you need to.  

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