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When you decide you need mobile home insurance in Oklahoma you may be surprised at the limited options available to you. There aren’t many companies you can choose from offering you a variety of different mobile home policies. Fortunately you can find manufactured home insurance in Oklahoma that covers all items in your home and even provides coverage if the mobile home is rented. You may also find policies that offer coverage for such things as guest rooms and swimming pools.

Single wide and double wide manufactured homes insurance companies generally apply a higher premium than a traditional home because in general, they are not as solidly constructed as a site-built home so there tends to be either more claims or claims with more extensive damage than traditional homes. However, there are ways you can protect your mobile home while still maintaining good coverage for all the personal property inside. Manufactured home insurance in Oklahoma typically protects your personal property only up to the appraised value of the contents. This means that if the value of your personal belongings is insured for the actual cash value, not the replacement value which is means brand-new.

The same is true if you have to replace any personal belongings in the event the double wide mobile home is damaged or destroyed. However, there are some insurance companies that will pay you the difference between what the appraised value of your belongings is and the replacement coverage value you would pay for them today if bought brand-new. In addition to protecting your belongings you can also get additional coverage for liability. If a guest or visitor who doesn’t live in the home gets injured inside the dwelling or on the premises, the Oklahoma manufactured home insurance company may provide coverage for medical expenses.

If you live in an area that is known to have natural disasters such as severe wind and hail storms or even tornadoes, then you may wish to consider adding a replacement coverage endorsement to your roof that might be available with your Oklahoma mobile home insurance company. In areas with severe flooding there may be an additional need for flood insurance in Tulsa or Edmond. You should check with your agent about whether or not your particular area is considered a flood area. Many people are surprised to learn that the area they live in is considered a flood hazard area and may need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to their current Oklahoma manufactured home insurance policy since flood insurance is usually not available as an endorsement to your mobile home insurance policy. In addition to protecting your belongings from damage by water you may also want to protect your personal property by adding this coverage to your separate flood insurance policy. Your double wide manufactured home policy doesn’t insure your belongings caused from a flood derived from outside of the home.

Personal property coverage is usually included with an insurance policy for manufactured homes in Oklahoma. What this means for you is that your home and all of your personal belongings are generally the responsibility of the homeowner and if you see that you need more coverage, then you will need to request that your insurance agent increases the personal property coverage to an amount that you are comfortable with. Most providers of this type of insurance in Oklahoma offer the insured the opportunity to increase that value for an additional premium. The coverage provided is similar to that offered for traditional homeowner policies except that you generally pay more for the coverage.

When it comes to homeowners insurance for manufactured homes in Oklahoma, there is quite a bit of variation in the limited number of mobile home insurance companies that offer coverage in cities such as Oklahoma City or Tulsa Oklahoma. Older mobile home insurance is even more difficult to get in Oklahoma due to the strict underwriting guidelines. Be sure to research each company very carefully before choosing to purchase a policy from them. If you have your heart set on buying a double wide mobile home in Oklahoma, you should take comfort knowing that the land on which the manufactured home sits on is also included as it pertains to personal liability and guest medical payments. A few of these companies are able to give you mobile home insurance quotes in short order instead of waiting for a day or two to get back to you. However, if they cannot give you a quote in a timely fashion, you may be interested in checking out the information provided online by Oklahoma Insurance Quotes about coverage and policy details for mobile home insurance Oklahoma.

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