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What makes mobile home insurance different from your traditional home insurance? The purpose is the same, to protect your investment. In addition to the usual inclusions of a regular home insurance, mobile home insurance comes with a specialized coverage designed to address the need for your factory-built home. 

Most mobile insurance providers offer riders to customize your mobile home insurance coverage according to your need. 

In a nutshell, inclusions of mobile home insurance are the following:

1. The mobile structure.

In the event that your mobile home gets damaged by a risk that is included in your coverage, your insurance will help repair and/or replace.

2. Home contents (furnishings, appliances, etc.)

Home contents including: furnishings, appliances, electronics, et. al. are included in the home insurance coverage up to the specific amount you have signed up for in your contract. This makes appraising your belongings a necessity. This will help you assess how much you will need to repair your personal properties, or even replace them in the case of damage or loss.  

3. Personal liability – damage to someone else’s property or injury 

While we may not plan to cause damage to other people’s property, it is always a good thing to know that in the event that there will be an accident, your home insurance provider has got your back. Personal liability coverage will cover you up to the limit of your home insurance policy. 

While the aforementioned are the standard basics, most mobile home insurance providers actually offer extra coverage riders, e.g. loss of use (where your provider will cover your airbnb or hotel expense when your mobile home is deemed temporarily unlivable or in need of repair),  replacement coverage (will allow for you to repair or even replace whatever damage to your mobile home), et. al. 

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