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Mobile Home Insurance Rates Guide

Every homeowner knows the importance of getting insurance coverage for his property. But is availing of a mobile home insurance that important too? Is it wise to forego? What exactly is covered when you get your mobile home covered, when it clearly does not have the same features or permanent location to factor in as opposed to traditional homes that are site-built?

What Exactly is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance is also known as manufactured home insurance is an insurance coverage for homes that are mobile, and not like a traditional housing structure that has a permanent location. While mobile homes have become an attractive option for people because it is a lot cheaper than its traditional counterpart, the importance of availing insurance coverage for the mobile home remains essential to protect your property and investment.

We do need to take note that mobile or manufactured homes are given definitive meaning by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and every mobile home owner should make sure to comply with the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards

There are key things to take note of when it comes to understanding mobile home insurance rates and we are going to look into the essentials of mobile home insurance, and why it is a non-negotiable for every mobile or manufactured home owner. 

Key Things to Take Note of on Mobile Home Insurance 

Mobile Home Inventory.

List down the actual value of your mobile home and its contents. This will give you an idea how much you are looking into getting covered. Typically, what you want is for your coverage to be able to afford getting your mobile home and its contents repaired, or even replaced in the event that they are damaged or stolen. 

Home Insurance Coverage.

While the home inventory part may be typical with the traditional home insured, mobile home insurance coverage has its limitations. As opposed to a traditionally built house, a mobile home is uniquely constructed and has its vulnerability when it comes to weather conditions such as windstorms, hurricanes, or earthquakes. These, and in-transit accident damage should ideally be included in your coverage. Make sure to bring it up with your insurance agent, so in case it is not part of the basic coverage for your mobile home insurance, they can include third-party home insurers partners for a more detailed and specific mobile home coverage, including your chosen add-ons. 


Note that mobile home insurance premiums typically cost more than that of traditional homeowners insurance premiums. This is because mobile homes come with considerably higher risks. Depending on the foregoing factors, such as: wildfire risks, location, first responders location, policy inclusions, or earthquake risks, value of your mobile home – the cost of mobile home insurance premiums would range from any amount, really, depending on various factors.

As with every other insurance coverage, take note that the cost of the premium you choose will directly affect your deductible. If you want a lower premium amount, this will most likely mean an increase in your deductible and vice versa. 

Shopping for the best home insurance coverage for your mobile home will provide you the peace of mind that you need for your property. Make sure to read the fine print of your contract with your insurer. It is always wise to also ask around for your friends’ opinions and actual claim experience, and take note of these. Factor everything in, and fill out the pros and cons of the insurance companies on your list, and chances are you will pick the right company for your mobile home insurance needs.

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