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What is helps insurance shoppers compare coverage rates on their auto, home, landlord, mobile home, condominium, RV, boat, and life insurance policies. Since 2005, we have been providing our clients much-needed peace of mind by ensuring that their insurance shopping experience is easy, convenient and worthwhile. Our mission is to become the most trusted, reliable and value-driven insurance rate comparison site in Oklahoma.

Consumers put their trust in us because we deliver a fast and simple way to obtain multiple insurance quotes, which translates to huge savings. Here in the state of Oklahoma, insurance quotes can be low for some policies and surprisingly high for others, and different companies offer changeable rates to the same individual in exactly the same situation. This means there are lower rates available for similar policies. Understanding what makes certain types of insurance policies more expensive is often helpful because it gives you important clues on how to lower rates or find a more suitable policy for your needs and budget.

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You need to make sure you are getting the best deal and the best coverage possible for your hard-earned money. Every insurance quote we provide will tell you the cost of your coverage and help you compare insurance policies from some of the leading companies in our State. We know for a fact that shopping for insurance is never a walk in the park. As a growing industry leader, Oklahoma Insurance Quotes will help you every step of the way.

Simply fill out the form by selecting the type of insurance for which you’d like a quote and indicate your zip code. We can then provide you with competitive insurance quotes to compare. No hard sell, no arm twisting—just the quotes you request!



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"The cost of the home insurance was significantly lower than what we were paying. I'm just so glad I found"

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"After I made a bid on this home, my real estate agent suggested that I get a homeowners insurance estimate. I got online and found I answered the questions in about 2 to 3 minutes and submitted it. Shortly after that, I was contacted by an insurance agent who gave me a couple of competitive options and explained the coverage differences so that I could choose which was the best option for my needs. He contacted my lender and gave them the evidence of insurance that was needed for closing. really helped me get a great rate."

Barbara D.

Home Owner


"I recently inherited a home in Tulsa which I wanted to utilize as a rental property, but I live in Missouri so I didn't know where to get an inexpensive rental property insurance quote. Luckily I found which had several quotes to choose from which saved me both time and money."

William K.